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COVID Prevention Plan 2022-2023

Orange Cove High School


1.      Cal-OSHA COVID-19 Prevention Program (“CPP”):

i. The Superintendent has the overall authority and responsibility for implementing the provisions of this CPP at Orange Cove High School. In addition, all Principals, managers, and supervisors are responsible for implementing and maintaining the School Safety Plan at the school sites and for ensuring employees receive answers to questions about the COVID-19 Prevention Program.  The Superintendent has designated a Safety Plan Officer for the specific implementation of the elements of this plan.  The CPP Officer for the District is:

  1. Roberto Gutierrez, Deputy Superintendent

  2., 559-305-7010

ii. All employees are responsible for using safe work practices, following all directives, policies and procedures, and assisting in maintaining a safe work environment.

OCHS Covid Prevention Plan 2022-2023