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New Information!
California Occupational Guides is a fabulous resource for looking up employment rates and salaries for specific job titles, as well as by specific counties in California. There are topical searches, such as top paid jobs and fastest growing occupations and students can also look up jobs that match their interests. Check it out!

CLICK HERE for a sheet with an overview of the California Occupational Guides. The second page of the attachment includes many additional online resources for you to use. Please take a look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook at because of the in depth information it provides on specific careers. There are sites listed that include resume writing and interviewing skills, licensed occupations, and industry reports.

Take a look at the 79 Pathways within the 16 United States Department of Education (USDOE) Career Clusters.
The resources developed for the Who Do U Want 2B campaign have been provided for students, educators, media or anyone interested in utilizing our materials and learning more about the campaign. You can download radio files, poster images and media documents.

Career Pathways from Reedley College
Careers in Accounting Careers in Business Careers in Chemistry
Careers in Criminology Careers in Economics Careers in English
Careers in Film Careers in Comp. Sci. Careers in Engineering
Careers in Music Careers in Psychology Careers in For. Language