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OC Band Review

4th Annual Orange Cove Invitational Band Review -
November 4, 2017

OCBR is an opportunity for middle and high school marching bands from around the central valley to come to Orange Cove and compete in marching band parade and half-time shows.

We are proud to announce Innovative Percussion as an OCBR17 sponsor, again this year. IP has generously donated gift certificates for percussion equipment to be awarded to our 1st place percussion groups!

2017 - Awards

Grand Sweepstakes: Dinuba
Parade Band Sweepstakes: Dinuba
Field Band Sweepstakes: Cesar Chavez (Delano)
High Music - Parade: Orosi
High Marching - Parade: Orosi
High Showmanship - Parade: Dinuba
High Auxiliary - Parade: Dinuba
High Music - Field: Cesar Chavez (Delano)
High Visual - Field: Cesar Chavez (Delano)
High General Effect - Field: Cesar Chavez (Delano)
High Auxiliary - Field: Cesar Chavez (Delano)
Class I/Open: Orosi; Reedley
Class II: Dinuba
Class III: Shafter; Woodlake
Class IV: Robert F. Kennedy (Delano); Mt. Whitney; Fresno
Class V: Delano; Exeter Union
Class VI: Liberty; Yosemite
Auxiliary, Best of Class
Class I/Open: Orosi
Class II: Cesar Chavez (Delano)
Class III: Shafter
Class IV: Robert F. Kennedy (Delano)
Class V: Delano
Class VI: N/A
Cesar Chavez (Delano); Mt. Whitney; Reedley
Class A/Open: Shafter
Class B: Mt. Whitney; Firebaugh; Fresno
Class C: Orosi; Exeter Union; Woodlake
Class D: Chowchilla; Hilmar; Riverdale
Class MS1: Sundale Union; Pioneer (Hanford); Hoover
Class MS2: Rudolph Rivera; Woodlake Valley; El Monte
Auxiliary, Best of Class
Class A/Open: Dinuba
Class B: Firebuagh
Class C: Orosi
Class D: Riverdale
Class MS1: Sundale Union
Class MS2: Rudolph Rivera
Drum Major
HS Mace: Chowchilla; Dinuba; Mt. Whitney
HS Military: Orosi; Shafter; Hilmar
MS Mace: El Monte; Sundale Union; Hoover
High School: Mt. Whitney; Exeter Union; Dinuba
Middle School: Pioneer (Hanford); Sundale Union; Rudolph Rivera

2016 - Awards

Grand Sweepstakes - OROSI (II)
Parade Band Sweepstakes - PARADISE (III)
Field Band Sweepstakes - OROSI (II)
High Music - Parade - FIREBAUGH (III)
High Marching - Parade - OROSI (II)
High Visual - Parade - OROSI (II)
High Auxiliary - Parade - DINUBA (I)
High Music - Field - OROSI (II)
High Visual - Field - OROSI (II)
High General Effect - Field - OROSI (II)
Class I: Dinuba; Fresno; Shafter
Class II: Woodlake
Dinuba; Orosi; Fresno
Field Conductor
Orosi; Dinuba; Woodlake
Dinuba; Fresno; Shafter
Class I: Dinuba; Shafter; Fresno
Class II: Orosi; McLane; Woodlake
Class III: Firebaugh; Riverdale
MS: Abraham Lincoln; El Monte; Washington Intermediate
Class I: Fresno; Shafter
Class II: Orosi; McLane; Mendota
Class III: Paradise; Firebaugh; Riverdale
MS: Abraham Lincoln; Washington Intermediate; El Monte
Drum Major
HS Mace: Chowchilla; Mendota; Orosi
HS Military: Fresno; Shafter; Paradise
HS Open: N/A
MS: Abraham Lincoln; El Monte; Hoover (Merced)
High Schools: Dinuba; Paradise; Woodlake
Middle Schools: Washington Intermediate; Woodlake Valley; Abraham Lincoln

2015 - Awards

Grand Sweepstakes - DINUBA
Parade Band Sweepstakes - DINUBA
Field Band Sweepstakes - EXETER UNION
High Music - Parade - EXETER UNION
High Marching - Parade - DINUBA
High Visual - Parade - DINUBA
High Auxiliary - Parade - DINUBA
High Music - Field - EXETER UNION
High Visual - Field - DINUBA
High General Effect - Field - EXETER UNION
Class I: Dinuba, Fresno, McLane
Class II: Shafter, Woodlake, N/A
Dinuba, Exeter Union, Fresno
Field Conductor
Exeter Union, Orosi/Woodlake (tie)
Dinuba, Fresno, Shafter
Class I: Fresno, Orosi, McLane
Class II: Exeter Union, Shafter, Chowchilla
MS: Abraham Lincoln, Sundale, El Monte
Class I: Fresno, McLane, N/A
Class II: Shafter, Mariposa County, Mendota
MS: El Monte, Hoover, Abraham Lincoln
Drum Major
HS Mace: Woodlake, Chowchilla/Dinuba (tie)
HS Military: Fresno, Yuba City, Shafter
HS Open: Mariposa County, N/A
MS: Abraham Lincoln, Sundale, El Monte
High Schools: Dinuba, Exeter Union, Shafter
Middle Schools: Abraham Lincoln, Sundale, Hoover

2014 - Awards

Grand Sweepstakes - DINUBA
Parade Band Sweepstakes - DINUBA
Field Band Sweepstakes - DINUBA
High Music - Parade - YOSEMITE
High Marching - Parade - DINUBA
High Visual - Parade - DINUBA
High Music - Field - DINUBA
High Visual - Field - DINUBA
High General Effect - Field - DINUBA
Class I: Farmersville, Yosemite, Orosi
Class II: Woodlake, Corcoran
Dinuba, Orosi/Yosemite (tie), Farmersville
Field Conductor
Orosi, Dinuba, Woodlake
Class I: Farmersville, Yosemite
Class II: Woodlake, Gustine
MS: Abraham Lincoln, Woodlake Valley
HS: Dinuba, Gustine, Yosemite
MS: Abraham Lincoln, Woodlake Valley
Drum Major
HS Mace: Dinuba, Woodlake, Farmersville
HS Military: Yosemite
MS: Woodlake Valley, Abraham Lincoln

2017 Sponsors
Sweepstakes Sponsors ($750 & above)
Teal Sponsors ($500 & above)
Silver Sponsors ($250 & above)
Black Sponsors ($100 & above)
Director Information:
OCBR17 Judges:
  • Music: Mike Schofield
  • Music: Phil Vallejo
  • March/Visual: Oliver Bullock
  • March/Visual: Chris Stratton
  • GE/Showmanship: John Holmes
  • GE/Showmanship: Chris Williams
  • Auxiliary: Skye Emerson
  • Auxiliary: Doug Slocum
  • Percussion: Mark Hammons
  • Drum Major: Marcus Zellous
  • T&P: Tom Linder